What My Children Have Taught Me

Pain.  Heartache.  What it really means to worry and to fret.  I never knew what any of these things truly meant until I had children.  When they were little, it killed me when other kids didn’t include them in a group. ...

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Advice--So Easy to Give, So Hard to Take

Daughters.  I never thought about them being such complex creatures, especially when my only experience of the concept was the role I was in.  And my role as daughter didn’t seem all too complex.  Being the middle child, I was of...

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Loving Your Job—Hey Bosses, Listen Up.

Remember when you were little, and the dreams you had of where you’d work one day? 

There was always excitement in my voice when I’d answer the question on what I’d be.  Never once did I dream of working for a tyrant, a...

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Change Is on the Horizon

I’ve been meaning to write more frequently, but every time I open my MAC to begin pounding away on the keyboard, my heart aches just a bit too much and I have to put it away.  Even writing that mere sentence was difficult.  Change is on...

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What I Love About You: A tribute to my little sis

I remember when we were little kids—playing C.H.I.P.S. on our banana seat bikes.  I was always Ponch and you were always Jon.  I remember using rocks as our CBs, the only jargon we knew were “10-4” and “over and out”.  Or...

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Cream Puffs, Gum and Fried Chicken: Confessions of a Self-Sabateur

I remember the first few seasons ofThe Biggest Loser—me on the couch, chowing down on some mint chocolate chip ice cream, thankful I wasn’t THAT BIG.  And I’m not.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t have “food issues” or “body...

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Go Get It.

Just yesterday I had two little ones in diapers, Barney and Baby Bop stuffed animals needed, The Lion King CD blasting, a car with Goldfish and Cheerio in every crevice, the cutest drawings ever hanging on my fridge, the smell of Johnson...

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Ah…the Joy a Starbucks Can Bring

I believe in random acts of kindness.  It’s something that has been instilled in me for as long as I can remember.  There’s truly nothing like the feeling of doing something nice for another—and if you notice I didn’t say without...

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Toxic Family Relationships

The first time I heard the phrase “toxic relationships” I was listening to the radio.  The hosts were talking about eliminating toxic relationships from your life—these types of relationships are unhealthy, damaging, not okay.  And...

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No One Prepared Me

There are some things in life that one can never be prepared for.  No one, regardless of whether or not they’ve experienced it, can adequately describe what the event will be like.  And throughout my time as a parent, I find myself less...

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